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How much does it cost to become a member?
Business Wire India does not charge a membership fee. To start using Business Wire India for press release distribution, please register with us. All accounts are subject to verification and approval.

How much will it cost to distribute my press release?
To know the cost of each press release and additional services, please contact your nearest Business Wire India bureau.

Where does my press release go?
Business Wire India takes your communication to the national news agencies, online and broadcast media and to print media as well which includes mainline, financial and trade publications. With some exclusive media associations, we have some of the biggest names in the online, broadcast and print news distribution worldwide.

Your news release features on online news sites, databases, portals, search engines and industry-specific websites:

  • Your choice of more than 50 industry trade media categories, both print and online;
  • Financial information systems, analysts and investors

Our all-India distribution covers distribution in a city, state, or region of your choice. Our international distribution, done in association with Business Wire, a Berkshire Hathaway Company, gives you a choice of hundreds of distribution options that enable you to target your press release to media in virtually any geographic area of the world.

For a detailed media list, please email us at sales@businesswireindia.com.

Do you offer press-release writing services?
Yes, we do. We have a team of specialist content writers and editors who will write search engine optimized press releases for you. To know the cost of each press release and additional services, please contact your nearest Business Wire India bureau.

Do you submit my press release to social media sites?
Business Wire India automatically pushes or tweets all its headlines via Business Wire India’s own social media pages such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google +. Best practices in social media recommend against wire services or vendors posting press releases to external social media outlets. It’s considered spamming, and can quickly get you booted from those sites.

Some of the ways you can maximize your visibility in the social media outlets are:

  • Creating your own Facebook brand page and linking your press releases     from it

  • Tweet your press releases to your followers via your corporate Twitter feed or a dedicated handle

  • Encourage readers and consumers to share your press release with social media sharing icons on every press release posted at BusinessWireIndia.com.

How do I send my press release to you?
Once your account is approved, you will be able to upload your press releases on your personal dashboard through our password-protected online order system. A Corporate Login Account lets you schedule releases, save frequently-used distributions for fast ordering, store logos, photos and other multimedia, view NewsTrail reports, and has many other time-saving features.

In order to distribute your press releases via Business Wire India, please register with us.

If you are already registered with Business Wire India, click here.


Business Wire India formats and displays your press release for maximum effectiveness, making it easy for your audience to find, see and share your news.

Press releases display your company logo at the top of your release linking it to your website. Your logo is displayed on each of your press releases at no additional charge.

Convenient buttons for readers to share your news across social networks, forward via email or print for offline reading.

Business Wire India's custom formatting retains your release's bold, italic and underlined text, bulleted lists, wider earnings tables and other formatting on businessiireindia.com, Google News, and other downstream websites, maximizing the presentation and value of your news to readers and making it more shareable.

The multimedia section of your press release displays your video, photos, graphics and logos, and includes easy sharing and downloading links.

Contact Info
Include a live email link for media and investor inquiries. Also include links to your company's website, blog and social media profiles for enhanced branding and visibility.

Recent Stories
Your company's three latest releases and a link to more of your news are displayed at the bottom of your release to provide related information to readers, as well as enhanced visibility for all of your news. Readers may subscribe to all of the company's releases via the RSS feed icon.