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News Distribution

We send your news, formatted for the most effective presentation and optimized for your audiences, anywhere you need it to go. Our unique Global-Mobile-Social-Measurable features ensure that your news has broader digital reach, better formatting and effective tagging for today's global-mobile-social world.

Multimedia Distribution: Increase your press release visibility ten times more with photos and videos. Journalists and consumers want to see photos, videos and other multimedia, and we can help you deliver. To your press releases, add high-resolution photos that can be viewed, shared and downloaded; videos in multiple formats for every type of internet user; audio, infographics, PDF documents and more.

Search Engine Optimization: The key to a properly optimized press release is well-written content that provides information important to your target audiences. Leverage Business Wire India's platform to target your news to the right industries, topics and geographic markets, and make sure your content is timely, relevant and includes links to relevant pages and additional information.

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